verb ai 2
s/he spends a lot of time (there); s/he hangs out (there)
Plural : skuweyultuwok
Prefixed Verb Stem : -uskuweyi-
Unprefixed Verb Stem : skuweyi-
Changed Verb Stem : weskuweyi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Tehpu koti-skuweyu malsanikuwamok ktus. Your daughter just wants to hang around the store.
Yut-te tama toli-skuweyu lamikuwam. He's hanging around somewhere here in the house. (DAF)
Musa yali-skuweyihkoc qocomok imiyewikuwamok. Don't hang out outside the church.
Wen-al 'temisol mecimi-te yali-skuweyu nikonuk. Someone's dog is always hanging around my house.
Mecimiw miskiw skuweyuhpon nikonuk. She often used to spend a lot of time at my house.
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