tett, tette, tetta

in that direction; in that way, in this way, like that, like this

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Yat-te nekom pesq oloqiye, apc kotok tetta. Each one went his own way, some this way, others that way.
Tette olomamuwe woniyakon. His head rolled away that way. (EN)
Kehtol-ote petapasihtit, esakihtuhtit 'samaqan apc tett oloqicuwone. Sure enough, when they got there and looked at the water, it was flowing in the other direction again. (MT)
Tetta olomi-qaskuwa Ena weci skat wen pskuwahq. Anna went running in that direction so no one would find her.
Nkisi-psqolenomon kenotols naka ntoli-punomuwan tett oloqiw 'pihtinol ntatat, naka nsakolonomuwan 'pihtin. I lit a candle and put it into my father's hands this way (like this), and I held his hand tight. (DAF)
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