noun animate
white person, white man; (wenuhcomol) h/ male helper or caregiver
Plural : wenuhcok
Possessed : wenuhcomol
Locative : wenuck at white person's house
Diminutive : wenuhcis

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
On nit nmacephuken, am-ote wot wenuhc. Ma nonuwawi. So then I drove on, to this white man's place. I didn't know him. (MT)
Koti-esunot nikt ehemuwok, yet kotok, iya, wenuhc tutopu. u, wecuwaw ehta-te. If your want to trade those hens, another white man lives, oh, right handy. (MT)
Notes : (compare Mi'kmaq, wenuj Frenchman; for female helper, see naksq)
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