Entry Definition
(sofa, hassock, car) it is low in shape
(bathtub, pot) s/he is low in shape
(baseball) ball thrown low
(baseball: pitched ball) s/he is low (below strike zone); (person, etc.) s/he goes along at low level or altitude (e.g., bird flying close to ground)
s/he, it is low
s/he flies at low altitude
s/he flies low at it, flies down to it
s/he flies low at h/, swoops at h/, flies down to h/
it is low, goes along at low altitude
it is low land, it is a valley
s/he is wearing low-heeled shoes
s/he is a low mountain range
(ii) it sits low in water; (ai; container) the level of liquid in h/ is low
it sits low
it is low tide; (with preverbs only) it is a day, the day is ..., the weather is ...
at lower part of mudflat; at low-water line
s/he charges low price for it
the tide is at its lowest in its monthly cycle; it is neap tide
there are regular low tides (e.g., with each new or full moon)
(ground) there is depression in it, it is lower than surrounding terrain
down, downward; down to lower position
it is positioned lower, is in a lower place
s/he, it costs little, is bargain; h/, its price is low or has been lowered
s/he puts h/ in lower position (on shelving, in job, etc.)
s/he assigns h/ lower rank than is appropriate