Entry Definition
s/he has bass voice, has deep voice
(conjunct forms only) the snow is very deep
s/he sleeps deeply (is hard to wake up)
deep sleeper
deep; falling over edge
back-woods, deep woods or forest; big forest
penetrating, going deep into
(boat) its hull is deep
(water) it gets deep suddenly, abruptly; there is body of water at base of cliff; (lake bed, shoreline, etc.) it drops off abruptly, there is steep dropoff underwater
the snow is deep (e.g., in drift)
deep in the forest
in the woods, deep in the woods
s/he starts walking through deep snow, goes off walking through deep snow (without snowshoes)
the frost goes deep into the ground
(body of water) the deep part comes to an end
deep into; going deep
it is in deep, is deeply rooted
s/he puts h/ in deep
s/he puts it in deep
s/he feels it deeply (emotion)
(boat, iceberg) s/he, it sits deep in the water; (whale) s/he sounds
s/he digs deep hole in h/, digs deep hole for h/
s/he digs deep hole in it, digs deep hole for it
it is dug deep, is dredged
deep hole (usually, in ground)