Entry Definition
s/he has head down
s/he has head down (while sitting, running, swimming, etc.)
s/he runs with head down
s/he shoots h/ causing h/ head to go down
s/he walks with head down making noise with feet (e.g., wearing high heels or plodding heavily)
s/he pulls it down (hat brim or visor)
s/he lowers it with mechanical device
down below, downstairs
down, downstairs, at the bottom
climbing down, disembarking
(land) it slopes down
s/he turns something belonging to h/ face down quickly
down, downward; down to lower position
s/he pounds h/ down (risen bread dough)
it is positioned lower, is in a lower place
s/he hits or taps it down, hits it to lower it (e.g., stake in ground); s/he tamps it down (e.g., filling material in tooth)
s/he falls straight down and lands
it falls straight down and lands
s/he taps it downward (basket-weave, to tighten it before binding)
(basketmaking) s/he taps weavers down (to tighten basket after splints have dried)
down, downward; down to lower position
s/he goes down gradually (e.g., tire deflating)
it goes down gradually (e.g., balloon deflating)
s/he slides it down (e.g., boat down to water)
s/he pushes or drags something belonging to h/ down