Entry Definition
in thick woods
there is thick woody growth, there is dense brush (too thick to walk through)
(woods, underbrush) it is thickly grown
(something stick-like) it is big in diameter, is thick
(log, flagpole, carrot, cigar) s/he is big in diameter, is thick; (person) s/he is stout, is solid
it is braided thick, is braided using more than the usual number of strands
s/he braids it into thick braid, braids it using more than usual number of strands
(chain, etc.) it is big in diameter, is thick
(rope, snake, etc.) s/he is big in diameter, is thick
s/he dresses in thick clothing, s/he wears a lot of clothes (usually, to keep warm)
s/he dresses h/ in thick clothing (usually, to keep h/ warm)
it is piled thick
it is thick and consists of layers
(snow, hail) s/he falls thickly
s/he has thick skin
h/ hair is thick
s/he puts thick footwear on h/ feet (usually, to keep h/ warm)
(something stick-like) it is thick and flattened
(cloth, leather, etc.) it is thick, is coarse
s/he slices h/ thick
s/he slices thick, cuts thick slices
s/he slices it thick
s/he cuts thick slices of something belonging to h/
(paper, cloth, etc.) it is thick
(garment, carpet) s/he is thick