certainly, surely, for sure; (when the answer "no" is expected or when disbelief has been expressed by the other speaker) yes, why yes!, on the contrary; (following if or if not) then (see examples)

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Cu peciye temonuk. She'll come later for sure.
Cu-te-lu (cu-tehlu)! Yes, it is true! It is too!
Cu-te-lu, uhkomi, nomiya nikuwoss. Yes indeed, grandmother, I do see my mother. (LM)
Ma-te knonuwaw? — Cu. You don't know her? — Yes, I do. Yes, I certainly do.
Kat not Mali. — Cu. That's not Mary. — Yes, it is.
Kat not Mali? — Cu, Mali not. Isn't that Mary? — Yes, that's Mary.
( if...then) Tokec kisaciyin, cu kmacephul. If you are ready, I'll take you.
( if not...then) Skat wasisok kahsihpulsuhtihtihq, cu ksinukhotuwok. If the children don't dry themselves, they will get sick.
Notes : (compare aha, haw, kotama, ma)
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