verb ti 27
s/he moves it in that direction; s/he extends it, points it, holds it out (etc.) in that direction
Verb Stem : -oloqehtu-
Changed Verb Stem : eloqehtu-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Qecimulan tan eloqehtaq tomihponuhunol. Ask her where she put the scissors. (JS/LL)
Wihqehtun. Kisi-wihqehtaq, on 'sakiyawal yaq yat-ona nuci-tpolukemilicil pemqepilit. 'Sakiyal. Wihqehtun yut peskuwat, on waht 'toloqehtun. He picked it up. When he picked it up, then they looked over at the judge sitting there. He looked at him. He picked up the gun, and then he held it out like that.
Tehpu 'topsqons tett qeni-oloqehtaq, 'toli-qeci-katun nit 'qat. He just pulled his coat down like that, trying to hide that leg.
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