noun animate
(tree, Abies balsamea) balsam fir; (in general, any species) tree (especially at Sipayik)
Plural : stahqonuk
Possessed : 'tastahqonumol, 'tastahqonemol
Locative : stahqonuk; (plural) stahqonihkuk
Diminutive : stahqonossis, stahqonis

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Stahqonihkuk. In, on the trees. In the forest.
Nit-olu kci-stahqon eyit, on-ote pesq kci-stahqon. There where the big tree is, just the one big tree. (DAF)
Stahqonuk milikuwok kcihkuk. There are many kinds of trees in the woods.
Notes : (see also opos 2, puhpukhawihqimus)
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