noun animate (dependent)
(parent) h/ father, h/ dad, h/ daddy
Locative : 'tatatk at h/ dad's house
Vocative : tat

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Ntatat toli-aneqehsuhke. My dad is spearing flounder.
Wahant not, wahant not pilsqehsis nit elehlat 'tatatol. It's the devil. It's the devil who did that to that girl's dad. (AN)
Nil-ona mecimi-te ntoliyahpon, 'sami ntatat naka nmamam stiti-te Sipayik oliyik. 'Sami ntatat ehta nit qin eyuhtihtit 'tolonapem. I always went there, too, because my dad and mom went to Sipayik all the time. Because really that's where my father's relatives were. (ID)
On nihtol Telu naka iya Epiw 'tatatuwal. And he was father to Telu and Abby (both of whom have passed away). (BG)
Notes : (from English, dad, dada, or daddy)
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