Entry Definition
s/he takes shortcut from there, cuts across from there
s/he went across, can go across (to other side)
s/he smuggles it, carries it across secretly
s/he chases or pursues h/ across
s/he lies across it
s/he takes h/ across by boat, ferries h/ across
s/he takes it across by boat, ferries it
s/he hollers at h/ across the way
s/he sends it across
s/he carries h/ across
s/he carries it across
s/he waves at h/ from across the way
s/he walks h/ across
s/he carries h/ across on shoulder(s)
s/he carries it across on shoulder(s)
s/he takes shortcut, cuts across
across, going from one side to the other, going to the other side
they (two) walk across
s/he swims across
s/he lies across (something)
s/he flees across
s/he runs across
s/he crosses over, goes across, gets across (to other side)
s/he paddles across, rows across
s/he jumps across