ahtoli (ahtol-)

repeatedly, over and over again; keeping on ..., continually, continuously
Verb Stem : -ahtoli (-ahtol-)

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Ahtoli-wikuwamket, mam-ote ma-te keq nkisi-olluhkew. She kept visiting (visited repeatedly), so in the end I never did get anything done.
Ahtoli-esuwiyat Suset cel kiwtahqahat nmamam. Susan's constant going back and forth made my mother dizzy.
Ahtoli-ikotohom. He keeps on yawning.
Ntahtoli-qecimuloq eliwisi. He kept asking me my name.
Elinaqsihtit pawatomuhtit, iyey, ktapaciptunen latuwewakon; 'tahtoli-skuhutomoniya. A lot of people want us to bring back the language; they keep talking about it. (MF)
Notes :

(compare iqoni, minuwi; ahtol- is reduced to ah- by most speakers before stems beginning with L, as in ahlossin s/he lies there repeatedly or continually, and also in a few other stems; see, for example, ahhit, ahpu, ahte)

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