naci (nac-, nat-)

going or coming to a location
Verb Stem : -naci (-nac-, -nat-)

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Nathulin! Come get me (in a boat)!
Knaciphul-oc. I'll come get you.
Naciptuwine 'samaqan! Go get us some water!
Naciksomon. S/he goes to cut it.
Natsoqe. S/he goes to check traps.
Natawone. S/he goes to gather eggs.
Naciluwesu. S/he goes over there and speaks her piece.
Nacossomine Tepitk. Let's go have a drink at Dave's.
Naci-wewisultuwok. They're going there to nose around.
Nataphal. S/he goes (comes) to track h/.
Notes : (compare peci, ckuwi)
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