pronoun animate
that (near person spoken to); that (location unspecified); she, he; it (animate)
Plural : niktok, nikt, nikk those, they
Obviative : nihtol; (plural) nihiht

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Wolitahasu not. He's happy.
Aha, not not. Peciyya, kenuk-olu ma kisi-ksehewi. Yes, that was him. He came, but he couldn't get in. (MT)
'Kisi-qasahkanol nihtol epeskomakonol. He threw that ball away.
Ma-te not wasis koti-sankewopiw. That child doesn't want to sit still.
Nihtol uli-kispehkakul kuwiyil. That log can hold his weight easily.
Nekom nihiht makson. Those are his/her shoes.
Notes :

(see nit 1; see wot 1 and wot 2; see yat; for absentative forms, see nakat)

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