weci (wec-, wet-)

in order that, so that; (in explanations) why, the reason that, on account of
Changed Verb Stem : weci (wec-, wet-)

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Weci-mamselessit eli-koluskit. That's why he got into trouble: because he lied. He got into trouble because he lied.
Ktahcuwihc latokonomonol suwitokolasol, wecihc kisi-amalhuwikhomon ktoposonut. You must braid sweetgrass, so that you can decorate your basket.
'Toqecimulan keq weci skat cpahkatomuhk. He asks him why he isn't married.
Kisi-kalsuwok skinuhsisok weci skat mihtaqsuwal nomiyukulihtihq. The boys hid so that their father would not see them.
Notes : (see 'ci; used with these meanings in conjunct forms only)
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