Entry Definition
s/he pushes h/ head tilting it to side
s/he forces it out (pushing it)
s/he forces h/ out (pushing h/); s/he forces h/ to move out
s/he drives it to hiding place; s/he pushes it with foot to hide it (e.g., dollar bill on ground)
s/he pushes h/ with foot to hide h/ (e.g., coin on ground)
s/he pushes way in, cuts in line in front of others; s/he interrupts
s/he blocks h/ entrance or exit by pushing against door with body
s/he pushes it in, slides it in
s/he pushes h/
s/he pushes it
s/he pushes it
s/he pushes it (stick-like object)
s/he pushes h/ head forward
s/he pushes it, prods it with stick; s/he pushes it ahead, pushes it forward (e.g., to make room for something else)
s/he kicks it forward, pushes it with body
s/he keeps pushing h/, moves h/ along by pushing h/
s/he pushes it sharply, shoves it quickly, nudges it
s/he presses it with foot; s/he drives it forward, accelerates it (car); s/he pushes it (idea)
s/he presses with foot or drives forward something belonging to h/, pushes something belonging to h/ (e.g., idea)
s/he presses h/ with foot or shoulder; s/he pushes h/ (to work harder)
s/he pushes against it with shoulder while bracing with feet (e.g., when pushing on a truck)
s/he pushes h/ (with hand(s) or shoulder)
s/he pushes it (with hand(s) or shoulder)
s/he pushes something belonging to h/ using hand(s)
s/he drives h/ by hitting h/ with whip or switch (horse, ox, etc.); (figuratively) s/he pushes h/ to work harder