tuceyu 1

verb ai 2
s/he is of certain age, s/he is so old
Plural : tuceyultuwok
Verb Stem : -tuceyi-
Changed Verb Stem : etuceyi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Psi-te nihtol illnesses weci-mehcinhotihtit, anqoc cipotu-al kisuhs tuceyu wasis. All those illnesses they died from, sometimes maybe a child one month old. (JAN)
Pesqon-ote etuceyyek. We are the same age.
Tan 'tuceyilin 'qoss? How old are her sons?
Kis etuceyilit 'kihci-kisisol Makolitol. His great aunt Margaret is very old by now.
Tan ktuceyin? How old are you?
Keka yaq muhsumsol 'qotatq tuceyu. Her grandfather was almost a hundred years old. (MES)
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