The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
s/he is far from h/
s/he hits h/ far (ball, to outfield; e.g., line drive, fly ball, home run)
(sound, noise) it is far away; it sounds as if it is far away
s/he sounds as if s/he is far away
s/he hits it far
(lake, river) it is long
it is a long day; (day) it is long
s/he holds h/ (vowel) for a long time (e.g., in singing)
s/he, it rolls far
s/he thinks it is far away
s/he jumps far, jumps a long way
far away, at great distance
quite far away; seemingly far away
s/he flies far, flies a long way, flies to distant place
something or someone from far away or long ago; (inanimate) faraway place, long-ago time or event
s/he, it is long and rigid
(body of water) it is long, narrow inlet
(current) it flows against direction of boat travel; it flows far
s/he has unfavorable current (for sailing, canoeing, etc.)
he has long beard, has long whiskers
s/he sings in the distance; h/ voice carries far when s/he sings
(sailing) s/he goes against the wind, s/he tacks
(sailing) s/he goes against the wind, s/he tacks
s/he throws it far