The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
s/he paints fancily, s/he uses combination of colors to decorate basket(s) fancily
s/he colors or dyes fancily something belonging to h/
s/he dances fancily
s/he puts a "fancy" point on it using file (e.g., sharpens a saw precisely)
s/he does fancy work, does craftwork
it does fancy work
it is woven fancily
s/he performs gymnastics, jumps rope, plays hopscotch; s/he jumps for joy
in, at, to place where petroglyphs are located
s/he writes it fancily, draws designs on it, decorates it
s/he decorates something belonging to h/; s/he writes it fancily for h/ (e.g., h/ name)
(fish of genus Scomber) mackerel
I wish that ..., I hope that ...
s/he fishes
s/he fishes on h/ behalf
fisherman (or woman)
s/he gets up quickly (from lying down to sitting, from sitting to standing, etc.)
getting up (from sitting or lying down)
s/he lifts it up
s/he helps h/ up (out of bed, car, chair, etc.)
s/he gets up (sits up or stands up)
(wrestling) s/he throws h/ off
s/he jumps up (to standing position)
it jumps up (to standing position)
s/he gets h/ to stand up by hitting h/