The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
it is turned inside-out, is folded back
s/he is back from having quarreled or argued or fought, etc.
s/he thaws h/, defrosts h/ (e.g., frozen food)
s/he picks sweetgrass without cleaning it as s/he goes along (i.e., without removing withered blades and other waste)
s/he thaws it, defrosts it (e.g., frozen food)
(potatoes) home fries
s/he warms up or reheats food
it warms up or reheats food
s/he warms it up (left-over food)
s/he is back from having picked berries
s/he, it melts
it melts
(see acaqaluhs)
it is crumpled in pleats
it wrinkles as it moves; it crumples in pleats, bunches up
s/he wrinkles as s/he moves; s/he crumples in pleats, bunches up
(shoe, rotting pumpkin, etc.) s/he gradually settles and spreads, gradually crumples
s/he sits slumped over
(tire, bread dough) s/he gradually deflates
(balloon, etc.) it gradually deflates
s/he stretches story
(three-dimensional object) s/he, it is bigger
s/he, it costs more, is more expensive, is worth more
s/he adds to it, magnifies it, enlarges it; s/he makes more of it, stretches or exaggerates it (e.g., story)
s/he exaggerates something belonging to h/