The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
s/he picks up discarded cigarette butts, s/he saves cigarette butts (Sipayik)
s/he is back from digging
s/he is back from having gone fishing
s/he is back from having played game; s/he is back from having run for office (e.g., in another community), is back from having competed
s/he is back from having made purchases, s/he is back from having sold
s/he is back from having paid for it
s/he is back from having tracked h/
s/he is back from netting fish
s/he is back from fetching water
s/he is back from having gone tracking
s/he is back from having tracked it (e.g., car)
s/he pays it back
s/he pays it back for h/
it is brought back to life, is revived
s/he comes back to life
it comes back to life
they (two) come back walking, return on foot
s/he starts to breathe again, gets breath back
s/he makes countercharge against h/
s/he wins h/ back (e.g., dollar); s/he wins (something) back from h/ (e.g., gambler)
s/he wins it back
(changing residence) s/he moves back (to this community, to this house, etc.)
s/he writes back (to someone)
s/he is back from having gathered eggs