The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
s/he has small nose; (bird) s/he has small beak or bill
(house, building) it is small
(house, room) it is small, it has barely enough space
it looks small
s/he looks small
s/he sees it as small; (in translation) it looks small to h/
s/he has small face
s/he thinks little of h/; s/he thinks of h/ as small, treats h/ as child (e.g., son who is now grown up)
s/he thinks little of it; s/he thinks of it as small
(water) it is shallow
h/ eyes are open; s/he opens eyes
(soft substance; e.g., pat of butter, mud-hole) it is small in quantity and disappearing or being used up
it is small, is little
s/he is small, is little
s/he is very small
s/he has small hands
it is tiny, is diminutive
(trapper) s/he is back from having checked traps
s/he is wearing shoes with spike heels or stiletto heels
s/he, it is cut fine, is cut into small pieces
s/he does fine weaving
s/he cuts it small, cuts it into small pieces
(name for month in lunar calendar approximating July or August)
(water) it eddies, forms whirlpool
there is an eddy