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Entry Definition
s/he stirs h/
s/he stirs it
s/he stirs it
s/he stirs something belonging to h/
(cook) s/he beats it (eggwhite, etc.); s/he stirs it vigorously
blender, mixer
s/he shuffles them (cards)
s/he, it is mixed by shaking; (animate dual and plural, playing cards) they are shuffled
s/he mixes it all together (cake batter, soup, etc.)
s/he upsets h/, riles h/ up, or agitates h/ by talking to h/
there is a lot of confusion (as can be seen)
s/he does too many things at once
s/he is troublesome, stirs up trouble
it is troublesome
s/he tangles it (sweetgrass, hair, etc.)
s/he stirs up h/ emotions, disturbs h/, flusters h/, upsets h/
(expresses disappointment related to a coincidence; see examples) it would have to ...
road, street; route
he makes a road in her (euphemism for sexual penetration, especially a woman's first time)
also that one (away from speaker and person spoken to; yonder)
also that one (away from speaker and person spoken to; yonder)
and even, and besides, and also; including even
also this one
(see also entries beginning with ahc-, uc-, ut)
(bird, various species) sandpiper