The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
s/he splashes around in water
s/he sits around
s/he goes around making plans
it is heard around (people say); it is heard going around
s/he is heard around, heard going around
it lies around
s/he, it is kicked around
s/he takes collection (refers to sound of coins dropping into basket)
s/he goes around making noise with feet (e.g., wearing high heels); s/he goes around taking collection (refers to sound of coins dropping into basket)
(thread, hair, root, etc.) s/he, it is wound or threaded around in convoluted way; s/he, it is being used to sew with
s/he walks around
it moves around
(business or institution relocating; pain in part of body) it moves around
s/he fights around, goes around causing trouble
they go around fighting with each other (physically)
s/he is pointing this way and that
s/he carries load around; (child) s/he has full diaper
buck deer
(reportedly) it is said, they say, people say; (with direct quotation) s/he says (said), they say (said); (in questions of fact) is it true that ...?
that's why
that, that one (away from speaker and person spoken to; yonder)
(emphatic) that one over there
each and every one individually
each and every person individually
(see yakat, yeket)