The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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This dictionary is a work in progress. Its contents are updated and expanded on a regular basis.

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Entry Definition
that, that one (away from speaker and person spoken to; yonder)
(emphatic) that one over there
each and every one individually
each and every person individually
(see yakat, yeket)
(see yat, yet)
that (absent or no longer existing)
those, they
(baseball player) New York Yankee
that (inanimate, away from speaker and person spoken to)
there, over there (usually away from speaker and person spoken to), yonder
(emphatic) that one over there
(emphatic) over there, right there, in that particular place
each one individually
(emphatic) right over there
(see iyey)
yeast, yeast cake; brewer's yeast
(see wot 1, yut 1)
these, they
(emphatic) this, this one
(emphatic) right here
(emphatic) this, this one
(emphatic) right here