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Entry Definition
it is district; (territory, parcel of land, etc.) it is staked out, its boundaries are demarcated
s/he sets h/ apart
it is set aside, is placed separately; it is allocated
s/he sets it apart, places it separately
s/he places separately something belonging to h/
separately, apart
(ai) s/he is separated from spouse, (dual forms) they are separated; (ai & ii) s/he, it is coming apart
marital separation, divorce
s/he tries to separate or break up a married couple by making advances to one of them
s/he separates h/; s/he causes h/ to separate from spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.
s/he takes it apart, disassembles it
it is separate event, it happens separately; it is episode or incident
s/he causes it to come apart by standing, sitting, leaning (etc.) on it
s/he causes h/ to come apart by standing, sitting, leaning (etc.) on h/
(joint) s/he dislocates from sudden impact or pull
(joint) it becomes dislocated from sudden impact or pull, becomes dislocated in a fall
s/he disassembles it, takes it apart
s/he dislocates joint in h/ (other person's or animal's) body
s/he dislocates it (joint)
(joint) it dislocates
(joint) s/he, it dislocates; (person) s/he dislocates joint
h/ bones feel as if they are dislocating or coming apart
(joint) s/he, it is dislocated
s/he sits apart or separately
it is partitioned off; (part of house) it is a room; (in stable or barn) it is a stall