The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
it is agreed to, is approved; it is well thought of
s/he approves, agrees; s/he is willing (to do something)
contribution to charity
s/he has enough to eat (all the time), s/he is well fed
there is certainly enough of h/, it; there is more than sufficient or adequate supply of h/, it
h/, its surface is even or smooth; (ai; person) s/he does everything s/he is supposed to do
s/he measures accurately, gives good measure (doesn't skimp)
s/he pays attention, watches carefully, is vigilant; s/he keeps track (e.g., of bank account)
s/he makes up, becomes friend (after quarrel)
it is good news; (something good) it happens
s/he is attentive, obeys well
s/he is good person; s/he is discreet, behaves well
they make up, they become friends again (after argument)
immediately, right away
asking for favor(s), asking for favorable treatment
the Bible, (literally) the Good Book; (in general) a good book
it is thoroughly cleaned or tidied
thank you
s/he, it functions well; (ii: gun) it shoots accurately; (ai) s/he leads a good life; (as word of agreement or reassurance) very well, it's all right (mainly Ma)
s/he puts on jewelry, makeup, etc., makes self presentable, grooms self
jewelry; personal ornament or adornment; makeup; (plural) cosmetics
s/he is well built, is well proportioned; s/he is nice and plump, is pleasingly plump
s/he has good marriage
they complement each other; (dual only) they (two) walk well
s/he is nice and big