The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary

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Entry Definition
s/he is half decided about it, is of two minds about it; s/he considers it to be dilemma
s/he bisects h/, cuts or divides h/ into halves
s/he cuts it in half
it is midnight, it is the middle of the night
halfway, in the middle
s/he is a little crazy, s/he is not all there
s/he is foolish, is crazy
it is divided in half, is halved
s/he divides it in half, halves it
they split into two teams, they form two teams
on or to Campobello Island, New Brunswick; Prince Edward Island
(soft substance) it half fills (something)
s/he, it is half full of liquid
s/he fills h/ halfway with liquid
s/he fills h/ halfway with liquid
in middle of body of water (bay, lake, river)
(bird, Hirundo rustica) barn swallow
(sports, games) ball
killer whale, orca (Orcinus orca; so named because of habit of tossing seals in the air when hunting); circus sea lion (Zalophus californianus; refers to seal's ability to play with a ball)
s/he plays ball (especially, baseball)
s/he uses it as ball
there is a ballgame (especially, baseball)
(nickname) Abby
one that is seated; one that is situated or in position
s/he has one eye covered with patch or bandage; (as name of person in oral tradition; see examples) Lucky